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Criminal law mechanisms, including extradition requests, are sometimes used to persecute political opponents, entrepreneurs, or people who are not in favour of the authorities. If you have reasons to believe that you are targeted by an illegal extradition request or that in the event of surrender your life or health would be in danger, we will help you to prepare a defenсe.

Defense against extradition is a complex process, success at which cannot be achieved by a single lawyer. It requires knowledge, at least, of criminal law of the requesting and requested countries, international human rights law, and international refugee law. In addition, understanding of the situation in the requesting country is always necessary.

We specialise in protection of foreigners against all forms of expulsion, including extradition.

When working on such cases, we rely on knowledge of international law, our experience in representing clients before international bodies, and contacts with experts on the situation in a requesting country. Our lawyers will thoroughly examine your case, help you to collect relevant evidence, determine compliance of the extradition request with the double criminality principle, and prepare a defence that will be based on the international human rights bodies’ practice in extradition cases, specific circumstances of your case, and the situation in the requesting country. If necessary, we will contact experts on the requesting country and obtain their opinion.

If the extradition request is granted, we will help to appeal this decision before the European Court of Human Rights or a relevant UN Committee.

Local lawyers hired by clients are often unfamiliar with jurisprudence of international human rights bodies in extradition cases, do not have specific information about the requesting country, or do not know how to search for it. In such cases, we can advise them on these aspects of defence against extradition.

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