Case № 1196184-22
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The client was granted refugee status in Ireland
flag Ireland / flag Russia / International Protection Office of Ireland (IPO)
Case type: applying for asylum

The client in the case is a national of Belarus, who permanently resided in Russia. The case concerns granting refugee status in Ireland.

Circumstances of the case

While in Ireland, the client publicly expressed her anti-war views. After the client turned to us, our lawyers prepared an application for international protection. There we argued that she risked persecution both in Belarus and Russia. The application stated that the client could not seek protection from the Belarusian authorities in Russia. Our lawyers substantiated that the Russian authorities regularly extradite to Belarus in politically motivated cases, despite the risk of torture. We supported the application with the detailed compilation of information about the human rights situation in Belarus and Russia.

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About 7 months after filing the application, the client was granted refugee status in Ireland.


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