Protection against "Dublin" transfers

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The Dublin III Regulation ("Dublin Regulation", "Dublin") determines which country is responsible for the examination of your request for international protection. If you have applied for asylum in a country that is not responsible for considering your application under the Regulation, you may be transferred or deported to the country responsible for the examination of your application. In most cases it will be:

  • a state applying the "Dublin" system that previously granted you a visa or a residence permit; or
  • a country where you previously applied for asylum or where your fingerprints are stored; or
  • the first country of entry into the territory where the Regulation applies.

If you want to stay in the country from which you are being deported, our lawyers will examine your case and help to appeal against the decision to transfer you to another country of the "Dublin" system.

When working on such cases, we consider living conditions in the country responsible for the examination of your asylum application. For example, availability of necessary medical care, possibility of staying in touch with relatives, and the risk of detention. In addition, we investigate how the refugee status determination procedure functions in the country of destination. This approach allows us to assess our clients’ cases comprehensively.

In December 2020, our lawyers managed to suspend via the Committee against Torture a "Dublin" transfer from Switzerland to Poland of a Russian national of Chechen origin. As far as we know, this is the first such case involving Poland before an international body.

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