Protection of private and family life

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It is not uncommon for a foreigner to be born or live most of his or her conscious life in a European country on the basis of a residence permit without obtaining the citizenship of the host country. As a result, this country becomes the centre of the individual's personal life: he or she starts a family, a job, forms an environment and so on here.

The authorities of the country of residence have the right to expel such foreigners with a revocation of their residence permit due to, for example, crimes committed, accumulation of debts and dependence on social security benefits. 

In such situations, our lawyers carry out a comprehensive assessment of the foreigner’s situation, examining all factors that show strong social ties with the country of residence; the nature and seriousness of the crime committed and so on. Our aim is to show that the foreigner’s personal interests have not been sufficiently taken into account by the national authorities.

If the appeal at the national level against the expulsion of the foreigner and the revocation of the residence permit are unsuccessful, we can submit a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights. We will argue that the expulsion of the foreigner from his or her country of residence violates his or her right to protection of private and family life.

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